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Fresh ingredients and creative preparation. This is the kind of restaurant you might find in a hip neighborhood in a big city, but the Oasis Eatery is situated in a beautiful rural setting. The food is fantastic and I have never been disappointed. I think my favorite meal here is breakfast. Fresh eggs, fresh bread and fresh vegetables. It really doesn’t get much better. But the coffee makes it better. Leon and Leah know their coffee and they have sourced the most amazing fresh roasted coffee blend. -TripAdvisor user (11/10/13)

I’ve been here twice for breakfast now…the food is outstanding, as is the service. Great cappuccino…better than the one I had at a big name place the day before. Prices are fantastic. I need to get their [sic] for the pie night…pies and pizza loved [sic] delicious. -TripAdvisor user (6/26/14)